The Healthcare Plan for Pets

To enable you to spread the cost of routine treatment, we have designed our own practice membership scheme - The Healthcare Plan For Pets. This plan is not health insurance, but it does cover the regular treatments your pet needs throughout life, such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Our Health Care Plan provides pet owners with the support they need to help their pets stay fit and healthy. Regular visits mean that we have time to administer necessary vaccinations and dispense accurate and up to date worming and flea treatments. In addition, an overall clinical examination provides you with peace of mind as we carefully monitor the general health of your pet and offer advice, support and treatment planning. This can reduce and prevent further problems in the future. Furthermore the cost of maintaining the general health of your pets is distributed evenly throughout the year by simple monthly direct debits - it couldn't be simpler.


  • Annual Vaccinations or Boosters*
  • Year Round Premium Antiparasitic Treatment
  • Round Worms, Lungworms, Heartworm, Fleas, Ticks, Tapeworm, Mange
  • One Floating Vet Consultation Per Year
  • Nurse Consultations For Weight, Dental Checks and Advice
  • Microchip For £10
  • 20% of Primary Vaccines
  • 10% Additional Vaccine - Kennel Cough & Rabies
  • 10% Off Neutering
  • 10% Off Dental Work
  • 10% Off Any Other Parasitic Treatments (we don't think you will need any because ours are so comprehensive)

* Routine Vaccinations do not include Kennel Cough or Rabies.


Cat All Sizes £15 per month
Extra Small Dog 2-4kg £14 per month
Small Dog 4.1-10kg £16 per month
Medium Dog 10.1-25kg £17 per month
Large Dog 25.1-50kg £20 per month

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"The best vets - the staff are so friendly" Wendy Hancox
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"Independent vet, excellent caring friendly staff" Stewart McCarthy
"Amazing - independent vets that genuinely care for your pets" Charlene Mallett
Expertise When You Need It

Expertise When You Need It

At Arvonia we perform complex surgical procedures including cutting edge knee reconstruction, orthopaedics and complex soft tissue surgery.
We Are Pet Owners Too

We Are Pet Owners Too

We are pet owners too so we understand the bond between humans and animals, we will treat your best friends as if they were our own.
A Warm Welcome Awaits

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Give us a call and a warm welcome awaits you at our Cheltenham The Reddings and at our Churchdown Practice
Advanced Imaging - CT

Advanced Imaging - CT

At Arvonia we offer the latest technology with CT scanning on a 64 slice GEC scanner. This amazing technology enables us to make rapid diagnoses and work quickly to bring your pet back to full health.
The Latest Equipment

The Latest Equipment

We invest in best equipment meaning you can rely on our diagnostic processes, this is our state of the art Ultrasound machine. It can be used to look for pregnancy as well as examining internal structures of the abdomen.
Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

When we need test results fast we can do this with our own fully equipped laboratory. A full blood test can be processed in half an hour when we need access to fast diagnostics.
Our CT Team

Our CT Team

Our CT team is ready to perform advanced scanning when required. Detailed images are produced and can be reconstructed in 3D, enabling diagnostic excellence to keep your pet in top health.
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